What We Do
What Does the BWANJ Do?

The primary purpose of the BWANJ is to be the leading advocate on behalf of our Members to the New Jersey Legislature, New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and other legal and regulatory bodies both within and outside the State of New Jersey. Our goal is to vigorously support and defend the three-tier system for the licensing and distribution of alcohol. We work with state policy-makers to ensure equity and fairness for our members in the distribution of malt beverage products and support ethical business practices and responsible consumption by consumers.

The BWANJ also serves as a legal resource for our Members, as well as a source of insight into alcohol regulation and education to policy makers and the public. We work closely with the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control and other industry partners to advance our goals.  
Economic Impact of Beer Wholesalers

New Jersey’s beer wholesalers (distributors) directly employ over 2,000 people in well-paying jobs with good benefits totaling nearly $187 million in wages.

The beer industry contributes significantly to the stability and growth of New Jersey’s economy. When the impacts of New Jersey wholesaler operations, capital investment and community involvement are considered, the total number of jobs impacted is over 5,000, and the total economic impact is more than $1 billion

The National Beer Wholesalers Association’s (NBWA) 2015 Economic Impact Report estimates approximately $72 million in capital reinvestment every year in warehouses, forklifts, vehicles, computers, energy saving technology, software and other equipment.

As a result of all of this economic activity, New Jersey’s beer wholesalers contribute $229,293,287 in total state, local and federal taxes, as well as collect an additional $261 million in state and federal excise taxes.

The state excise tax on beer is deposited into New Jersey’s General Fund, which makes the funds available for all governmental purposes, and is enough to fund 7,158,282 teacher hours or to provide maintenance for 3,247 miles of highways in New Jersey for a year. 

New Jersey’s beer distributors are not only good corporate citizens, they are vital members of your community, contributing nearly $4 million to charities, community events and local economic development in 2015.
The Beer Wholesalers Association of New Jersey serves its members: by being the unified voice for New Jersey beer wholesalers on legislative and regulatory matters at the local and state levels; by fostering responsible industry practices involving the moderate and sensible use of alcohol beverages; by advocating the beer distributor’s economic and societal value in the three-tier regulatory system; and by offering educational and business services responsive to its members’ needs.
BWANJ is the leading trade association representing the businessmen and women who are licensed by the State of New Jersey to import and distribute beer to licensed retailers.